• Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Using Hyperparameter Tuning to Optimize a . . . Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

    Google has used Bayesian optimization to reinvent the “perfect chocolate chip cookie.” They started with the basic cookie ingredients, and the model produced a first recipe. Next, the team baked the cookies, ate them, and rated them vs. store-bought ones. […]

  • Flying Dollar 167995001

    Fraud in Rewards Programs Is Literally Out of Control

    When customer service at a local My Home store first took the call from a concerned loyalty member, it seemed like a routine case of points not properly credited to the member account. Maybe the magnetic stripe was not read? […]

  • MMM Playbook

    The Market Mix Model Has Just Been Reborn (and Google is the Father)

    The store-sales measurement tool that was unveiled by Google at Marketing Next 2017, is the latest salvo in the Google-vs-Facebook attribution arms race, and it is a big deal. In fact, this may turn out to be the most important […]

  • Insider Abuse Featured

    Insider Abuse of Rewards Programs Adds Up to Big Money

    The global market for fraud detection and prevention is $17 billion annually and is projected to grow to $35 billion by 2019, representing a compound annual growth rate of 20%, according to Gartner Consulting. Meanwhile, loyalty programs are also a […]

  • Cover Image 4 Excellent Ways

    4 Excellent Ways to Combine Store + Customer Segments to Improve ROI

    The basic concept of customer segmentation is already familiar in loyalty marketing. There is an implicit pact between the customer and your brand. The customer says: “You give me something of value, and in exchange, I’ll make it easy for […]

  • Loyalty Academy Kick-Off

    New Certification Program for Loyalty Marketers

    There was an important announcement yesterday on PR Web that I wanted to share with you. On November 18 a new professional certification program will be launching for loyalty marketers. It will be under the educational direction of Michael Capizzi, […]

  • Jim Griffin Entrepreneur Phils

    Email Marketing [Interview by Entrepreneur Magazine]

    I recently had a chance to catch up with the International Institute of Digital Marketing (IIDM) at Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines. The focus of the interview was email marketing. I thought you might like to see the short article, How to […]

  • Lassu Wins CMS 2015

    Lassu Wins First Place Award at 2015 Content Marketing Summit

    A content marketing video submitted by Lassu founder Jim Griffin was declared as the first-place winner at the 2015 Content Marketing Summit. The summit kicked off on May 21 at Bayanihan Center, in Pasig City and was attended this year […]

  • Walgreens Balance Cover

    How Waterfall Sampling Tracks ROI for Walgreens Rewards

    Walgreens is the largest drugstore chain in the United States, with stores in all 50 states, plus a global business that is run by Walgreens Boots Alliance. The company’s loyalty program, Balance Rewards, has 130 million members, of which 85 million are […]

  • Loyalty Expo 2015

    Top 10 New Solutions at Loyalty Expo Orlando

    Loyalty Expo took place last week on April 27-29 at Loews Royal Pacific at Universal Orlando, Florida. This was the eighth year of the expo. As it turned out, I was the only person there from Asia, which is understandable. […]

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