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Loyalty Strategy Consulting Services

If you are getting ready to launch a new loyalty strategy or relaunch an older one, or if you have recently been given responsibility for an existing loyalty initiative and want to get a reality check about the health of the program, then you’ve come to the right place.

Or maybe you already know the changes you want to make, but need an independent outsider (not a vendor) to team up with you to drive organizational discovery and change. Lassu is perfect for that.

Why an Independent Consultant is a Pretty Good Idea

We all know about the giant global brands that deliver loyalty technology and services (including consulting services, by the way). These are certainly excellent companies. The problem is, if any of these global giants “consult” for you about what technology to choose, the answer will inevitably be that their own technology is the best.

To be clear, the consulting services of such companies may actually make sense… but only after you have selected them as a partner.

If you have read the Lassu Guide to Customer Loyalty Software, you already know that there are at least 200 different considerations in choosing the loyalty management system that will be right for your needs. So, how do you create a future-ready list of business requirements, make sure that all the right vendors are identified and invited, and then narrow down to a final short list? That’s where an independent consultant can really help a lot.

Loyalty consulting from Lassu is positioned in much-needed sweet spot.

  • Unbiased: We are not a vendor or reseller of any particular loyalty platform.
  • Expert: A global team of the most qualified and experienced independent experts available in the loyalty field.
Lassu Guide Cover Image

192 RFP questions that brands should ask potential suppliers of loyalty software, together with guidance about what to look for in the responses you receive.

For companies that are more self-sufficient, there’s often no need for an expensive consulting engagement. Get access to the premium content.

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