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Lassu Guide to Customer Loyalty Software


Photo, Jim Griffin, Lassu Inc.
Jim Griffin
Managing Director, Lassu
Research Director

Specifying software for a customer loyalty marketing program is a big task, and one that is difficult to get right for several reasons:

  1. Loyalty software is at the very core of everything a company does.
    There is no room for mistakes.
  2. The day-to-day experience of most CMOs does not arm them with the specific knowledge needed for identifying and specifying all of the business requirements for a loyalty platform.
  3. Although the CIO is a full partner, he or she should not be the leader. This is because the specifications for a loyalty platform penetrate very deeply into the detail of how your business will engage with customers. Decisions about requirements must begin with strategy and program design, and then move to technical specifications – not the other way around.
  4. In order to perform as intended, loyalty systems must integrate with many other systems.
  5. Loyalty marketing is itself at the center of many converging industries.
    The entire industry is being consolidated and transformed.
  6. Technology is changing very rapidly. New players are continuously appearing. Established players are evolving.
  7. In most cases, this is not a trivial investment.

    Faced with this, many companies engage consultants (like us or our partners), just to be sure that they get this right, and that they include the right companies in their due diligence efforts. This is a very good idea, but it may not be within the grasp of everyone, so in this e-book we have prepared a complete overview of the information that a CMO would logically want or need when making such a decision.

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192 RFP questions that brands should ask potential suppliers of loyalty software, together with guidance about what to look for in the responses you receive.

For companies that are more self-sufficient, there’s often no need for an expensive consulting engagement. Get access to the premium content.

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